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10 Things to do in Rome, Italy - A Travel Guide by Pedawi Sarwar
Rome - Sarwar Pedawi Tour

10 Things to do in Rome, Italy


Walking down the street and seeing the modern buildings as well as some oldest ruins of thousand years back. Yes; I am talking about the city of Rome. 

With Sarwar Pedawi offshore tour guide; you can have a better experience in your journey with the information that I’m going to share with you in my blog.

The birthplace & the home of many famous personalities including Joel McHale, Julius Caesar, Sofia Loren, Isabella Rossellini, and others.

While spending time in Rome, you will feel like you have time traveled many decades back in history.

With this Sarwar Pedawi offshore guide, I will give you a short glimpse of the city of Rome & help you discover all those things which were unknown for you till today.

Readout this blog till the end & you will be amazed after reading what in real city Rome is…!


This is the first must-see place in Rome. The largest & oldest amphitheater which is around 2,000 years old; where different types of events were hosted by the head of state.

Colosseum - Sarwar Pedawi Tour

It was broken during the fall of Rome but people there had still kept its some remains as a heritage. It’s a place of great interest for tourists and heritage lovers.


The most beautiful & ornamental fountain in Rome. This is a very romantic place also there is an interesting myth about this fountain, that if you will throw a coin in this fountain your next trip to Rome is confirmed & if you will throw two coins, you will find your true love & if you throw three coins, you will get married very soon. Millions of people visit here every year for making their wishes.

Trevi Fountain - Sarwar Pedawi Tour


Another largest plaza is situated in the city of the Vatican. It’s also considered as the core of Rome. It consists of a large courtyard a path where you can walk & wander the history that had taken place thousands of years back. While you have to pay a certain amount to visit most of the paces, walking here is free of cost.

ST. PETER’S SQUARE - Sarwar Pedawi Tour

Here the Vatican museum & Sistine Chapel is also situated for which you have to pay to enter.


Another Sarwar Pedawi recommendation as a must-see place is Pantheon. A famous tourist site place after Colosseum that you must not miss. The best famous preserved monument of ancient Rome till today.

PANTHEON - Sarwar Pedawi Tour

It’s a masterpiece of Roman architecture that is famous all over the world & thousands of tourists just visit here to see this piece of beauty.


The mysterious & scariest tour sightseeing place that you must visit if you are in Rome. 

Rome Catacombs Sarwar Pedawi Tour

It’s a passageway for the tourists like a cave but in past, it was a graveyard where millions of Christians were buried for not accepting the Pagan customs.

It is several kilometers long consisting of skulls & bone of humans that you will see on the sidewalls. If you are a not afraid of such things you must visit this place.


While you are in Rome, get yourself experienced in seeing the world’s first covered market situated here.

TRAJAN’S MARKET - Sarwar Pedawi Tour

In previous times, this place was used for offices & for running the official’s business of the market. All the merchants around the world & nation used to come for selling their goods to the people.


Besides being famous for old historic architecture Rome is also famous for open-air markets where you can experience shopping while spending time here.

OPEN AIR MARKETS - Sarwar Pedawi Tour

There are different types of markets are where you will see hundreds of tourists from all over the world shopping and enjoying. In these markets you will find clothes, groceries, jewelry, cosmetics, handcrafted item shops & others also.

Trust me you will enjoy traveling to Rome and especially its markets. Some of the famous local markets of Rome are:

  • Porta Portese market,
  • Mercato Dei Fiori,
  • Via Sannio Market & many others…


When you are in Rome taking an authentic cuisine experience is a must Don’t miss the best Italian or their traditional food as Rome is famous for having delicious dishes & food items all over the world.

Roman Cuisine - Sarwar Pedawi Tour

Following are some main varieties of food that you can eat during your trip to Rome:

  • Pizza,
  • Carpaccio,
  • Ravioli,
  • Panini Pasta,
  • Risotto,
  • Tiramisu,
  • Pana Cotta & some more you can find on their menu list…,


Traveling in Rome via public transport is quite cheaper and friendly for your tight pocket.

Travel in rome - sarwar pedawi tour

There are many ways through which you can easily travel to wander the whole city of Rome:

  • Metro,
  • Buses,
  • Trams,
  • Urban railway,
  • Transport card,
  • Taxis & others


Last but not the least, here are some tips for your trip to Rome.

time in rome - sarwar pedawi tour
Rome, Italy – 10 March 2019: Crowd in Piazza di Spagna, night shots with many people. At the center of the famous Barcaccia fountain, in the background Via Condotti & Sarwar Pedawi
  • When eating in Rome, go for sandwich and pizza places instead of touristy restaurants this will save you some money. For really good, inexpensive food, visit Trastevere across the river.
  • If you are going to see a lot of museums, consider buying one of Rome’s many budget cards such as the Roma Pass, Archeologia card, or the Biglietto 4 Musei. You pay one flat fee for all the attractions.
  • Some restaurants will charge you extra for bread or breadsticks on the table but not tell you about it until the check comes. Send it back immediately if you don’t want to be eat it or don’t want to spend extra bucks.
  • Ask for tap water or you will automatically get expensive bottled water included on your bill. Moreover, you can refill your bottles of water at any of the drinking fountains throughout Italy. The water is fine to drink, and you’ll feel like a local as you drink from their ancient Roman city monuments.
  • You can buy a great bottle of wine for €4/$4.50 USD easily from a general store and its cheaper as compared to the markets price. Here’s another Italy Travel Guide to refer to.
time in rome - sarwar pedawi tour

Thanks for reading Sarwar Pedawi Blogs, do share your feedback in the comments section. Also read 10 Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur.

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