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A safe alternative of traveling in 2020

We are in the midst of the most crucial times when staying home is not a choice but a necessity. I Sarwar Pedawi being a travel geek have never thought of spending 2020 without having any travel plans. Unfortunately, circumstances have unfolded many uncertainties for us this year, and it seems that there is still a long way to go. Henceforth, seeking a safe alternative is something I couldn’t resist. So, I decided to share a safe travel plans for all the travel junkies for the year 2020. You may also find tips and ideas on Sarwar Pedawi Facebook and Sarwar Pedawi Twitter to make your travel experience safe and exciting.

Camping Trip

COVID 19 has substantially changed the way we used to live. Stringent lockdown policies have forced people to stay cooped in quarantine for a long time, and the second wave of the virus has made things even worse. People who had travel plans in 2020 had to completely abort the idea due to flight restrictions and lockdown policies. Thus, people started looking for safe travel alternatives that would allow them to leave their houses. While keeping themselves protected from the prevailing health crisis people started heading to the great outdoors for camping trips. Having a separate camping tent that can be shared only with the family members, allows you to be safe in outdoors, yet in isolation. The openness of the outdoors and having no crowd, liberated the worries of bumping into random people around.

The COVID 19 has impacted greatly the flight affordability, due to the safety policies and the limited number of passengers. Whereas, planning road trips and heading to outdoors were considered the most feasible plans these days. Therefore, camping has been considered the best substitute for avid travelers in such a time when they are waiting for their local or foreign border to be opened. As it has been recommended by the WHO to avoid plane traveling. A close environment may portray a higher risk of getting exposed to contaminated environment and the spread of the virus. Those who want to add extra luxury and comfort to their camping trips should have to invest in buying the best camping gear to turn their camping into glamping.

Do I have to wear a mask while camping?

No, you really do not have to wear the mask all the time while you are camping. Keeping in mind you would have to venture for a place which is not crowded already. Planning for a place where you will be spending more time in nature and outdoors does not require you to wear a mask, but when you are in a close setting then you must. The time you will have to spend talking to someone from other campers you should have to follow the safety measures. So, we would recommend you to keep your mask and sanitizing products with you all the time to stay prepared for any uncertain situation. Even if you do not need to wear it, at least you should keep it with you.

Safety measures for the designated campsites

If you have not selected wilderness just randomly and planned for specific campsites then there are predefined COVID 19 safety guidelines for such places. You must not have to plan for such a place which is already crowded. So you may get information beforehand regarding the reservations and expected crowd so that you may plan accordingly. Due to restricted traveling plans, these campsites are generally crowded these days.

Should we get a plan from travel agents?

As the travel ban prevailed and foreign borders got closed we have observed a sudden jump in booking for camping and local trips. Some people ventured for a long road trip and others booked for group outdoor plans, or planned hiking or trekking on the trails. Even if you are venturing outdoors in a group, and buying a plan through travel planners would pose a potential risk of spreading the virus. As travel companies and groups would try to have as many groups as possible for having an elevated profit. Which makes it an unsafe option therefore devising an independent plan would be a better idea. Accumulating all the camping gear which are going to be used solely by you and your family/ friends will be a safe option. Secondly, it is also recommended to select a place which is far from the madding crowd to ensure social distancing as well.

In order to have detailed guidance regarding the selection of the products, important camping gear, a suitable campsite you may also check Sarwar Pedawi Twitter and Sarwar Pedawi Facebook.

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