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Five Ways to plan a budget-friendly trip - Five Ways to plan a budget-friendly trip – a guide by Sarwar Pedawi
Five-Ways-to-plan-a-budget-friendly trip-by-sarwar-pedawi

Five Ways to plan a budget-friendly trip

It is understandable that we all love to travel and explore the beautiful places in every nook and corner of the world. While we keep fascinating and contemplating for an amazing travel plan, our pocket does not always allow us. Our budget constraints make us keep drooling over different places, which we dream to discover.

So, today I Sarwar Pedawi a travel junkie will break the biggest stereotype that, we need to have a huge pocket to travel. This means you can actually explore all the beautiful places you want without, having to break the bank. Let’s dig a bit deeper to get to know how exactly you can have one.

Here, on your favorite blog post by Sarwar Pedawi, I will be sharing many different ways, which will help you in planning a trip on tight pockets.  So, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is, to let go of the belief that you need to be super-wealthy to roam around the world. When you think that it is possible only then you actually can, as it says “where there is a will there is a way.

Become an airline frequent flyer

This is by far considered the easiest way to win a free flight, by becoming a frequent flyer of a specific airline. There are a plethora of airlines, which offer frequent flyer membership programs with plenty of ways to mount the points quickly. Many of them greatly incentivize credit card offers and come up with huge miles bonuses which is enough for one round ticket for an international flight. So, keep racking up your credit card miles will definitely help you the most quickly. Just picking up the right program and you may take advantage of your shopping spree and simultaneously collecting points for a free flight.

Selecting hotels wisely

When coming to the part of selecting hotels, it is the second most expensive chunk of the entire budget of the trip, after airfares. So, you need to act wisely rather than going for an extravagant stay. You can choose a decent place in your budget which is not really a high-end option. Going for shared resorts or homestay options like Air BnB is always a good idea to save your money and have a nifty place to stay. Some hostels and shared resorts are even literal rival to design-centric lavish hotels. As they offer competitive amenities and services which you may find in some five-star hotels.

Hospitality exchange

This is an amazing idea to have an absolutely free staycation, wherever you want. It involves a guest hospitality exchange concept in which you will have to return the favor in the same way when your host will travel to your country. This also allows you to make plenty of friends all around the world.

Group trips

This is one of the most genius ideas that will make it possible for you to have a completely free trip. It only requires physical efforts of collecting people who are interested in having a group tour to a common destination. Then you will be accumulating their amounts and on their behalf you will be getting the itinerary devised, getting the flight, and plan the accommodation. This helps you in having a completely free trip, by the saving you have achieved while striving for an economical group plan.

Eat at local places

While being on a budget-friendly trip you have to avoid going for frequent fine dines. So, you would have to go for the cheaper alternative, which is opting for local places for lunch and dinner plans. It gives you the additional benefit of exploring the local culture and taste preferences while roaming around the common streets. Even on the priciest destinations, you can easily find such places and hawkers who are on the streets, and selling the local food which is not only cheap but also fresh and give you the vibes of the local culture.

Sarwar Pedawi blog post is a platform which is created by Sarwar Pedawi to help you in devising the best travel trips. Following all the amazing hacks and detailed knowledge shared on the Sarwar Pedawi tour will let you make the most out of your every trip.  So, if you feel like contributing as well then we would love to hear from you. We will publish the best travel hacks and ideas you have experienced on your trips. Building a community with shared knowledge is the motto of Sarwar Pedawi tours.

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