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Letter from the Editor – Sarwar Pedawi




Welcome to Sarwar Pedawi Tours – A personal blog where I will share my travel stories with everyone so that my readers don’t have to face the problems I faced during my tours. Here I will share my experience in simple everyday language that is easy to understand.

My name is Sarwar Pedawi, some friends call me Pedawi or Pedawi Sarwar. I’m writing this blog because, besides traveling, writing is also my passion. I’m a banker by profession and budget traveler. My first trip out of my country was to Malaysia. Because the travel agent was only concerned with his profits, the trip was expensive, not really well planned, poorly researched, but was the greatest time of my life. Other than the banker and writer, I’m a traveler and photographer.

I’m not a budget or bag-pack traveler, rather I can describe my trips as moderate to luxury, where I mostly stay in 4-star hotels while sometimes staying in 5-star hotels too if I find a good deal on the internet. Like you, I work hard to earn money, and I always look out to find ways to save money for that I do a lot of research & planning before I finalize my trip. I travel either with a group of 7-8 friends, or with my family, or with Family & Friends usually three to four families with approx. 10-12 people in total.

With my Sarwar Pedawi Tour blog, I aim to provide honest reviews, feedback, help you find the best options through my experiences on the road, tips & tricks, location guides, and opinion pieces.

Lastly, a disclaimer. I’ve seen bloggers who usually recommend multiple items from different brands for the sake of money rather than the usage of these items for their readers. Before start writing, I made a policy for myself and for my readers, that there will be no paid content or recommendations in Sarwar Pedawi Tour blogs. If there is anything I recommend, it will be solely because I bought it from my own limited budget and I found it useful.


Thank you,
Sarwar Pedawi.